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Over the course of the semester, my writing has definitely grown in confidence. Last year my writing seemed full of too many ideas. I was trying to throw in every piece of information I knew about the paper I was writing about. I struggled to get the correct voice out that fit with the information I was trying to present. I feel that the pressure from my Ways of Knowing class to get the perfect thesis, made me struggle through the entire paper to have the perfect evidence, while incorporating fluid sentences. Since then, I feel as though I can take a breath. I can let the words flow from my mind to paper without the cringing of trying to force a perfect paper.
Although we only did a few, I really enjoyed writing responses to impromptu
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I also realised that the “perfect” sentence will not come instantly. It is okay to, first, get your thoughts onto the paper, then, go back and correct them. This awareness came about early on in the semester when we discussed what made us struggle in our writing. From there, I tried to keep these ideas in mind while typing out my assignments. My voice became stronger in each paper I wrote.
The greatest risk I took in this class was not creating a thesis for my papers. I itched to write in the first few sentences, exactly what this paper was going to discuss. It may seem as though it would be easier to just skip the overwhelming thesis, but after years of having this ingrained into my writing style, it was honestly harder to dive past this step and just begin to write.
Two people I found extremely important to my writing this semester would be Professor Massey, as well as, Professor Gotz. Both of these woman gave me interesting, thought provoking topics that strengthened my writing. Professor Massey taught me to write about what I find important and to do it in away that is true to myself. She helped me enjoy the “task” of writing through readings and assignments that were applicable to my education and degree. Professor Gotz also helped my research through the use of current event writings. In geology class, oceanography, Professor Gotz wanted us to connect

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