Reflection Of Organizational Culture

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Living in a world of approximately 7.5 billion people mean living with different perspectives, different ideas, different cultures; in other words, we live in a society full of diversities. Throughout this semester, I have learned that an organization cannot function without people. In fact, employees are one of the valuable assets of an organization. Every organization has a corporate culture; thus, living in a world of diversities poses the challenge for companies in maintaining such culture alive. I believe that organizational culture, just like Politics, cannot be avoided within an organization. I am not a mother yet, but based on my observation, organizational culture is like growing up a child that is, it requires of a strong mother (an empowered leader) to nurture a child (culture) with values and confidence which are key elements towards attaining success.
A new-born does not have a specific time to eat. However, as this baby grows, he begins to adapt to the environment setting in which he was born. For instance, his mother will eventually “train” him that there are three meals per
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As stated in my first reflection, our personality and values are profoundly influenced by a place we call home. As a result, we will carry that personality and values in our workplace. One of the most global culture was that of “men being in power”. This article proves that such culture is changing. Seeing PepsiCo website, creates a feeling of astonishment to know that one of the world’s biggest food, snack and beverage corporation, has a female CEO. Moreover, it also comprises of at least four different ethnic groups. I think that these global cultures of “men in power” and “white men are the boss” influence the organization. For instance, in PepsiCo case having a combination of women and other ethnicities can foster creativity in the
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