Reflection Of Personal Branding

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After speaking with Christina on the phone, I learned how she experienced the summer Management program during her undergrad as an English major at WFU. She was an English major and did not know specifically what she wanted to do immediately after graduation. After applying to a couple jobs, she received feedback from a stranger who happened to be a fellow WFU alum. This individual did not think Christina would get a job at her company, but offered to spread her resume around. Christina was extremely grateful for the kindness the other lady gave her, and she eventually landed a role as part of a production company for her first job. Christina learned of her current employer, Compass Professional Health Services, through a roommate who was a former employee of the company. She encouraged Christina to apply for the open positions, which she later did via Handshake. Hearing about her experience during the application and interview cycle(s) were great for me to see how the job market functions for this particular company. One of the things that caught my attention after Christina was offered and accepted a position at Compass was the training time prior to officially starting. The amount of preparation before, and then observing and learning from others at work was a great example for me to listen and visualize while thinking of the points discussed in Personal Branding. A point during our practice reviewing resumes was that companies are particular with new hires, because
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