Reflection Of Personal Life

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1. I’ve always learned best by relating lecture concepts to my personal life, and this class is no different. I’ve been challenged to see my own development through the perspectives and theories set by psychologists before me, bringing new light to my occasionally quirky personality. The biopsychosocial breaks down into biological – meaning brain processing and genetics, psychological – referring to personal thoughts and motives, and social or environmental situations – the influence of others that shapes who someone may become. Life cycle forces can be attributed with the generation of seemingly new traits as well. The biological factor that I can think most shaped my personality is the frustratingly large bridge of my nose. My moms whole side of the family has a massive bump in the center of the bridge of their nose. From a young age, I was always incredibly self-conscious of the bump I had started to notice on myself. I would hide my nose in books at school, or try to cover it up with my hand because I was so sure everyone would make fun of me. I wouldn’t let anyone take pictures of me, and there were times that I would pray for the bump to go away so I could just live a normal life. I eventually got over it because while I believe prayers can do a lot, they’ll never change the bump on my nose. A small genetic allele caused me so much stress, especially in middle school, but it also taught me to love myself and others despite their outward appearance. In regards to
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