Reflection Of Peter Pan

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The book, “Peter Pan,” is the most famous work of Scottish novelist and playwright, Sir James Matthew Barrie. He first staged the story of Peter Pan in 1904 into the form of a play and subsequently published a following novel in 1911. It is an endearing and alluring book about an eccentric and fanciful little boy who wouldn’t grow up. The story is set in a place called, the “Neverland,” where Captain Hook is Captain of the Jolly Roger, Tiger Lily is the Princess of the Indians, Tinker Bell is a fairy, and magical creatures that lie deep within the exotic locale. The book focuses on his adventures and escapades with Wendy and her younger brothers, John and Michael. The novel begins with highlighting the reality that “all children except one, grow up” (Barrie 1).

The journey begins when Peter Pan sets foot into the Darling’s nursery and accomplishes to convince Wendy to fly to Neverland with her brothers to tell the lost boys stories. Tinker Bell convinces the lost boys
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She is the eldest child and “was every inch a woman, though there were not very many inches” (25). Though she hoped she would avoid growing up by going to Neverland but the exact opposite happened. In the story, Peter manages to convince Wendy to go to Neverland, only if she could take her younger brothers, John and Michael as well, to take on the role of a mother to the lost boys, to tell them bedtime stories and such things a mother should do. When they ask her to be their mother, she responds “ought I?… Of course it’s frightfully fascinating, but you see I am only a little girl. I have no real experience”(66). She takes on the role innately by having pretend meal times, tucking them to bed, sewing them pockets, and telling them stories. Wendy’s character is dynamic since at first she wanted to avoid the responsibility of growing up but towards the end, she realizes and decides she wants to grow
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