Reflection Of Popular Culture

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American Popular Culture - music, movie, painting, and clothing - is seemingly a superficial topic, but is actually the reflection of the social values and even political inclination that prevailed in the society of that era. From the pious and strict Puritan colonial culture in 1600’s to the hippies and Rock n’ Roll in 1970s, American culture did go through massive changes along with the transformations in racial and gender equality, social ideals, politics, and America’s role in the world. In the project, our group divided American history into roughly three periods of time, in each of which we researched about the content of popular culture as well as analyzed the causes of the these cultural phenomenon and their development. Lilian is…show more content…
At the beginning, in order to reasonably divide the whole history into three periods, we logged into Library Genesis and downloaded papers including “A History of Popular Culture: More of Everything, Faster and Brighter” and “Prosthetic memory: The transformation of American remembrance in the age of mass culture”. With these materials and our background knowledge of U.S. history, we roughly chose two turning points: Civil War, Great Depression. Our criteria for dividing the periods was that each period should have unique and distinguished characteristics, and the popular culture in the era was a reflection of politics, economics, religion, or America’s role in the world. Civil War is not only the turning point for African Americans, but also a signpost for human rights in America. Prior to Civil War, main stream culture came from whites. After Civil War, African Americans started to be more involved in the society, stimulated more racial integration, and added to the culture diversity in U.S.. Prior to Great Depression, U.S. witnessed financial crisis for several times. After Great Depression, U.S. enjoyed economic prosperity and its role gradually became important
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