Reflection Of Public Speaking

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This class is helping me to develop a better understanding of who I am. Hitherto, I consider myself to be an adequate public speaker but, I’m considerably better writing papers than speaking in front of an audience. My time in this class is forcing me to confront aspects of public speaking that I’ve never attempted before. I believe that I’m gaining a great deal of knowledge from this class thus far, but I have a few things to learn to advance my public speaking skills. Currently, I have strong points and weak points that I’m working on, and hoping to develop further during my time in class. Public speaking has its obvious hardships, people actually fear it more than death. Public speaking, also known as glossophobia, is the number one…show more content…
I’m confident in my ability to connect with the audience during my presentations. For the duration of my presentations, I believe that I’m personable, and because of that, connect well with the people listening to me. Another strong point for me, is my energy level and how I can make the audience laugh. I have confidence in the fact that I’m giving it my all and willing to make a joke at my expense to crack the ice so that the presentation runs smoothly. Finally, my best quality would be my volume, more specifically, my ability to project. Volume is the loudness to softness continuum that is understood in terms of energy, emphasis, and vocal force. Projection on the other hand is the quality of the voice that directs the sound of your voice to a specific target; the richness or fullness of sound. For the period of my speeches, I’m able to keep my voice at a level of which everyone in the room can hear me. During my introductions and my prose presentation, use inverted build. Inverted build is using the opposite volume level to share emotion. It is notable to mention that the use of inverted build assists the audience in understanding the mood of the presentation. Although I’m personable during my speeches, I still have various components to work on. Awareness of strong and weak points in crucial in becoming a better public speaker. By the end of the semester I hope to accomplish certain personal goals.
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