Reflection Of Reading : The Journey Of Education In Preschool

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“Why is there an upside down “I” on this paper?” asked a classmate amongst my table group in preschool. It became a question in which I would never acquire the answer until the ensuing year, kindergarten. My literacy journey started with a puzzling inquiry and has yet to end. This journey wasn’t all positive though; it included discouraging points where I began to loathe reading. School inadvertently discouraged me from reading, and without positive teachers to revitalize books, I might never have been driven to read again.
Although the story of my outlook on reading initiates in preschool, it didn’t genuinely develop until the following year. Kindergarten, the year succeeding preschool; kindergarten, the year I uncovered the answer to my year long enigma; kindergarten, the year when the oscillating battle between discouragement and encouragement emerged. All seemed well throughout the beginning, though maybe excitement just blinded me, and I failed to see the underlying problem. Nevertheless, ignorance is bliss and pleasant activities lasted for a curtailed while I somewhat remember a day where everyone in my class brought in their favorite book. The title of mine now eludes me, although it included a groundhog predicting the weather. This constructive point in my literacy development also encompassed reading and writing activities. Every day, a different student would tell about something that they did. Their verbalization would become our homework that night. This taught
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