Reflection Of Reflection And Reflective Practice

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The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate my understanding of reflection and reflective practice. Reflection means that we learn by thinking about our experiences and seeing them in a different way. (Dewey, 1938) suggested that, ‘we learn by doing and realising what came of what we did’. Nurses experience physical, hands on, during their roles, but unless they search for the knowledge that comes from realising what came of what they did, then practice standards will deteriorate. Reflective practice is vital for nurses, responsible for providing care to the best of their ability to patients and their families. Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC, 2015). Nursing practice is underpinned by clear regulatory principles (NMC, 2015). The…show more content…
MAIN BODY PART B The next stage of Gibbs model of reflection (1988) is the evaluation stage. Apparently, this topic can be uncomfortable for some people; my personal feelings on this are confusion. I can only assume that people don’t like to consider other individual thoughts on the subject. As a student nurse I feel strongly that we have to be diverse and treat each patient individually and accordingly. The NMC (2015) ask that nurses offer holistic approaches to care, which take into account spiritual needs to ensure a comprehensive care plan is developed. An overview of nursing with spiritual care emerged from the lecture, identifying elements of spirituality including faith, belonging, love, meaning and forgiveness. The definition that emerged was that spirituality is a personal search for meaning and purpose in life, which may or may not be related to religion. I feel that the lecture was preparing us for a time in our career when we will come face to face with emotional, life-changing experiences but if we have played our role as a good nurse, will feel better or soothed by the experience. If we have done our upmost to ensure that the patients ‘spiritual needs’ have been met. The main focus I feel that I have learnt from the lecture was that there
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