Reflection Of Religion

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Introduction to Religious Quest has given me a more solid understanding on the history of religion. It also gave me a vivid explanation on how and why the world operates in a certain manner and how religion cannot be overlooked because it plays an important role in shaping the human life and character in relation to human experience. Initially, in the first few weeks of classes I had the idea that the class will mainly cover the moral characteristics and obligations in respect to religion placing more emphasis on Christianity given the nature of the Institution. But as time went by, other religion and their ideas were introduced. This made me realize that I have been biased about the term “Religion” in general. Because I come from a Christian background I never really considered how and what other religion and their ideas were like. The only idea that came to my mind was Christianity. In addition, I considered other religious ideas as inferior because I did not have enough information about religion as a whole. This later changed when I learnt that most information about religion today are from scholarly point of view as there are no specific resources that fully explains or supports the, which meant that most religious ideas today I likely came from the intellectual work of an individual, and as result may not be perfect. More so, I learnt about the various methods of studying religion from self-consciousness to comparison not to forget de-familiarization and empathy.
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