Reflection Of Road To Guantanamo

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Road to Guantanamo Road to Guantanamo is a docu-drama about three British-Pakistani men, better known as the Tipton Three, who were wrongfully detained in Guantanamo Bay. This movie explores another side of war of terrorism and its side effect on people who might be labeled as terrorists and treated inhumanely. As a multicultural learning experience, this movie is profoundly emotional and political. The movie began by introducing the Tipton Three: three young boys living in the United Kingdom who were planning for a trip to Pakistan to attend a wedding ceremony (Winterbottom, 2006). Things looked mundane and simple for at least the first few minutes of the movie. It was heartwarming to see how three boys who spent most of their lifetime in the UK came to a country they came from while eagerly hunting for an authentic food in that region. It shows how people can still identify with a cultural aspect that is important to them, even after years of little to no contact. As the movie progressed, however, things became sinister. The boys went to the wrong place at the wrong time. They ran around from bombing, and they lost one of their friends. Seeing the bombing from the perspective of innocent people stuck in a conflict area is an eye-opening experience for me, because most of the…show more content…
government actively induced fear along with patriotic values. The U.S. officers might have seen the Tipton Three as a threat to their fellow Americans, so they treated these people inhumanely with a hope that they would tell the truth. When the truth wasn’t what the U.S. officers expected, both parties failed to reach a solution because one of them was so certain of their own assumptions. In this case, the humane part of a U.S. officer was shown in the movie, such as in a scene when he listened to one of the Tipton Three rapping and another scene when he entered the cell to kill a spider while speaking in a friendly
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