Reflection Of Self Care ( Wellness )

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Assignment 2: Reflection of Self-Care (Wellness) Mary Marrone USC School of Social Work March 1, 2016 Current Agency I am currently placed at the Salvation Army, the Haven along with four other USC MSW students: Michelle (first year), Michelle (second year), Michael (second year), and James (second year). Michelle (first year), Michael (second year), and I (first year) intern at Victory Place, while Michelle (second year) interns at Naomi House and James (second year) at Exodus Lodge. Brief History of the Agency In 1994, the Haven, which main focus was to act as an emergency-housing program was born on the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Healthcare Center (VAHC) ( to serve the vast population of veterans (“Haven: About The Haven”). The Haven offers an array of services to cater to the various needs of veterans. These services include assisting the veteran to find housing and to utilize his/her VASH voucher (Section 8), assisting the veteran in his/her job hunt, assisting the veteran to utilize VA Services/Benefits, which may include healthcare, behavioral health, substance abuse and/or community integration ( Residential Programs Research verifies that veterans currently make up a third of the homeless population. This number is expected to grow since men and women are coming home broken and scarred from serving
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