Sociology Course Reflection

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Within taking the course of Sociology I believe that the relationship that I have had with society has definitely strengthened and improved. As time goes on, knowledge grows and that is completely how I feel since taking this course and learning all these new concepts. How I perceive a lot of situations in life has definitely changed, from how I handled or viewed something before vs now is a total 360 degree change. Each and every chapter I am enlightened with new thoughts and views in and around the society I live in today. The concepts within the units we have learned in class that has made me have a better understanding with myself and society include, blah blah, blah, and blah blah. There are many more lessons that I have been taught about, but to condense them all down I believe these three topics have impacted me the most. There is also a key concept within the past few chapters that I hope will stick through me for years to come as well. From the start of chapter twelve we focused on families. There were lots of ways as to how not only sociologists identified families but as to how society viewed families as well. A concept that spoke out to me the most and what I found most interesting and relatable to me was the idea of how society compared their own families to the ones they see on their own television. Personally that is what I had even done from when I was a child to even recently. One show that I had always wanted my family to be like or always compared to
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