Reflection Of Sophie's World

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A girl named Sophie Amundsen was on her way home when she stopped by her mailbox to get the mail, as she looked in the mailbox there was only one letter. It was unusual because there was no stamp or who’ve sent it, all it had was her name and address. Day by day, Sophie would receive mysterious letters and would tear the envelope open to read questions like: “Who are you?” ”Where does the world come from?” or letters from the unknown writer that would get her thinking long and hard because of this, the unknown letter writer had saved Sophie from the triviality of everyday existence.

The book Sophie’s World written by Jostein Gaarder shows the reader to wonder more about the world. As a child, we would think philosophically about the world but the older we got, we would philosophically think less because we got used to the world
To begin with, what are the most important things in life? There is no wrong answer to this question because your answer can be different to someone else. The important things in life to Mar’kee Alston is to “remember that health should be the most important thing to you. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Education is in at second. Focus on developing your mind every day and learning as much as you can. Lastly, remember that things in your life could always be worse, and if you appreciate what you have in your life already, you will always be happy”
In addition, we’ve all asked ourselves or asked our parents when we were younger,
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