Reflection Of Success In College

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One of the question on the board I’d like to respond to that was very early in the semester is what does success look like. My original response to this was, “There multiple ways to answer this. Success is being happy, but smiling is a look associated with happiness, but depressed people can smile and laugh too. So to answer what success actually looks like is someone who show’s continuous genuine happiness. The best way to achieve that status is to have your stress levels at a minimum.” After being in college for the rest of the semester I think for the most part my answer stays the same. I still believe success is when you are truly happy in the world you live in, but I can explain this a lot better. Success is when you don't have to worry about things in life anymore. When you don't have to work to get yourself out of bed in the morning and knowing what you have to face for the rest of the day. Success is when you can say to yourself, i'm glad that the things that I did in my past lead me to this point I am at now. To the new me that's what success looks like. It's not an easy thing to obtain but everyone can obtain it as long as the keep an optimistic view on life and remember to just keep moving forward.
Another question I liked from the board that I jotted down was what works? My initial response to this was this. “Friends & partying helps a lot. It’s so much relief but you have to keep it at a balance. Another thing that helped out a lot was teachers who curve or
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