Reflection Of The Bean Trees

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The Bean Trees Reflective Paragraph 1 Throughout the reading of The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, I noticed a numerous amount of times where Lou Ann seemed to somewhat change her personality in some way or another and I started to wonder why throughout different situations in the novel, she would do this. As we all know, Lou Ann is one of the sweetest, well-mannered young lady in this novel who also has high respect and a lot of worrisome towards her family. When I first realized that she was having a hard time with self-confidence, I couldn’t quite figure out why until later on when I realized that she was sacrificing herself for others constantly. This is where I understood more about how she was having a hard time standing up and…show more content…
As I look back, I still feel somewhat sorry and thankful for where I stand today as an individual. In Chapter 9 (Ismene), there was a scene where a method of torture during interrogation was using an old style telephone as a crank to get answers while being tortured. I couldn’t ever imagine being tortured like this and if I was ever in a situation where I was, more than likely I would do everything in my power to stop it from happening. I remember reading “They disconnect the receiver wires and tape the two ends to your body” and imagining the process of that and how that is so cruel to do to another human being. Although this is a method of torture to get answers from someone, I still can’t figure out why it was brought up in the book. All I can think of is maybe that’s how it was back then; but then again I thought that wouldn’t there just be a death penalty. I feel that a death penalty would’ve been more appropriate since it’s either life or death depending on how you go about answering the questions. Torture just seems a little bit harsh in my opinion, but I did like how the author brought that way up and demonstrated how it was used as it clearly got my attention, and most definitely my
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