Reflection Of The Classroom Environment

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Classroom Environment.
As I connect back to my ontological commitment of transferring knowledge for the sake of building a foundation that can carry students through to graduation, I focus on how I can determine why I believe the classroom environment is critical to me. Perhaps it goes back to my positionality, where I truly believe that everyone has a right to learn and grow and that knowledge is the key to success in anything. As a lifelong learner, when I encountered difficulties transferring knowledge to students, I worked to develop intricate ways of teaching complicated material. In some instances, it meant changing the environment altogether, which is perhaps the reason I am a strong proponent for active learning classrooms.
In my last qualitative course, I had the opportunity to interview and observe faculty in both types of settings-a traditional classroom and an active learning classroom. I gained valuable insight on why teachers using ALCs seemed to thrive and truly engage with students. The flexibility an ALC environment provides for both faculty and students connects back to the theoretical framework of student centered learning and discovery learning theories. My goal in using qualitative inquiry is to determine a better understanding of the successes and challenges in using an ALC because converting classrooms to more modern environments is costly and not many schools have the funding for it (Walker, Brooks, Baepler, 2011). If we can publish more
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