Reflection Of The Exodus And Exodus

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Exodus shows God’s deliverance and fulfillment of His promise made to Israel. After the death of Joseph, a new Pharaoh oppresses Israelite by enslaving them and throwing their newborn boys into Nile River. However, one Levite woman puts her baby boy into a basket and floats him into the river. The daughter of Pharaoh finds and raises the baby naming him Moses.
When Moses grew up, he sees Egyptians beating a Hebrew worker, therefore kills that Egyptian. As Pharaoh tries to kill him, Moses flees to the land of Midian. There, he marries Zipporah, the daughter of Reuel, and settles there.
Meanwhile, God hears Israelites’ groaning from slavery and remembers His covenant. He appears to Moses in Midian as a blazing fire of bushes and commissions Moses to deliver His people out of Egypt. Moses protests to God’s call first, nevertheless, God gives Moses signs that Israelites would hear and sends Aaron, his brother, as his spokesman. Hence, Moses obeys and departs to Egypt.
Moses and Aaron speak to Pharaoh to let Israelites go, but Pharaoh refuses. In the midst of despair God reminds Moses His covenant and deliverance. Since Pharaoh remained stubborn, God sends ten plagues upon Egyptians, showing both Israelites and Egyptians who He is. In the night of the tenth plague, firstborn’s death, Israelites take their first Passover, and Pharaoh finally lets people leave.
When they have reached the Red Sea, Pharaoh pursues them with his armies, but God parts the water so Israelites could
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