Reflection Of The Movie Am�lie

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The story of the movie Amélie is about a girl from France she is someone we would call an introvert because she grew up to be very reserved, shy and quiet, this al due because she had to grow up isolated from society because her father who was once a doctor for the army had made the wrong diagnose for Amélie and therefore it prevented her from going to regular school. One day she sees a man on the subway who had left his suitcase and ever since she made it her mission to find the return and give him back his belongings but she suddenly ends up falling in love with him. I must say I really loved and enjoy the movie Amélie so much! It is the first time I watch a French movie and I must say that I was expecting an abrupt end to the movie as Mousier André warned us that French movies don’t sugar coat anything but this movie was the exception and it had a magnificent end to the story that was both funny and romantic. It is hard to try to identify myself to one of the main characters because I just feel like I want to identify to all of them, but I will say I feel very much like Amélie sometimes in the past I can remember feeling like her in some ways. I consider myself a loner, I am also quite like Amélie, I used to be more adventurous and brave when I was younger but not anymore, the older I get. I grew up in different places my whole life and for times I would be in Mexico and for some other I would be in the U.S. my life was never stable while growing up and so
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