Reflection Of The Movie Remember The Titans

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The movie I selected was Remember The Titans (2000). The movie was about leadership, teamwork, and overcoming obstacles. Remember The Titans took place in Alexandria, Virginia Where one high school became integrated with blacks and whites forming T.C. Williams High school. The football team at the school for the first time had blacks and whites doing the same sport together. The school board fired Coach Yoast from being head coach and hired a new head coach named Coach Boone who was African American. This led to problems with white families since they did not want a black coaching their kids and it caused problems for Coach Boone. However, after an incident with the white football players Coach Boone compromised with Coach Yoast allowing him to be the defensive coordinator in hopes of creating some peace in the tense time. As the summer came to an end football camp began. At football camp the audiences experiences the problems the black football players had with chemistry because of racism and hatred from their white teammates. However in the end of camp the team became brothers and does not see a person by their skin but what's on the inside. The boys were ready for football yet when they started school the Titans had to face the hardships of school and realize not everyone at school was as optimistic as they were which lead to more turmoil inside the team due to racism. Thankfully as time went on their bond grew and the team went on to become undefeated as well as win the state championship. The main characters in Remember The Titans were Coach Boone, Coach Yoast, Gerry Bertier, and Julius Campbell. Coach Boone was the head coach for the Titans, Coach Yoast was the ex head coach and was the defensive coordinator for the Titans, Gerry Bertier was the All-American on the team and was the main white football player throughout the movie, and Julius Campbell was the main black football player on the Titans. All of these characters showed leadership throughout the movie. Coach Boone showed his leadership by forcing others to do what he wants no matter the cost. Multiple times throughout the movie the audience watches Coach Boone ordering players to run, redo a play, burpees and other commands. Coach

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