Reflection Of The Rainbow Bridge

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This documentary is about a group of engineering experts who attempted to recreate the famous Rainbow Bridge depicted in the Quingming Scroll, created in the time of the Song Dynasty. A multinational team, compromised of Professor Tang, multiple engineering experts and native Chinese workers come together to decipher how the Rainbow Bridge was actually made, because the bridge itself and any blueprints for it have long since been lost to time. The entirety of the documentary focuses on completing this one architectural project, but there were many steps needed to get the perfect result. First, they had to decide how to go about creating the skeleton of the bridge. A question that’s reiterated throughout the documentary is whether the…show more content…
“From a historical point of view, it’s quite clear the Song [Dynasty] had the most advanced steel and iron technology in the world, so it certainly would have been possible for them to have iron nails” (21:42-21:55). And in following the details in the Quingming Scroll, the team decided to lash the timber beams together with bamboo. Once they managed to get bamboo long enough to work for lashing, the skeleton, the most difficult part of construction, was essentially complete. While they didn’t actually need to travel to collect any of the items, a few members did travel to the Yellow Mountains about 200 miles from the location in China where they were building the bridge, in order to properly learn how to make the bamboo rope necessary for the lashing. The experts used in the documentary were interesting and vital to making the documentary work. If Professor Tang hadn’t had a passion for history and engineering, then the whole project would have never happened. It was also refreshing to see the specialists argue and discuss the best strategies for building the bridges. Normally, we don’t get to see this kind of interaction in professional documentaries. Everyone was there for a purpose and had a role to serve. Though reconstruction was the basis of the entire documentary, all the team had to go off of was a detailed and realistic piece of art found in the Quingming Scroll and historical knowledge of the Song Dynasty. While they attempted to be fairly accurate in
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