Reflection Of Tuesdays With Morrie

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Reflection of Tuesdays with Morrie Death is often viewed differently among individual lifespan and development. How death is perceived, its morals to life and its key values, changes as the end of life approaches. Although death is something I have learned early in life, I often try to avoid it. The reason lies within my culture, societal expectations, and how I view life expectancy. I have been brainwashed into believing the younger I am, the longer I have to live. This prevents me from acknowledging death and the true meaning of life. This is examined in detail throughout Tuesdays with Morrie. Morrie criticism about culture demonstrates how the young is misled on important factors within life. He emphasis how imminent death should be accepted early in life. In doing so, attitudes and interaction with others would change. I acknowledged Morrie’s positive attitude about death and its relationship with how we think and react very noteworthy; however, my death transition would be different. Morrie criticized culture several times throughout the book. I found every criticism to be factual and rational. Before reading, I had never thought about my culture and its relationship with the true meaning of life. I also had never taken the time to examine the things I found important in life due to cultural values. Morrie expresses how individuals are stuck in to day-to-day events, which discourage them from deep connections with family and friends. I can relate to this criticism.…

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