Reflection Of Visual Art

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1a. Central focus for the segment

The central focus of the lesson is for students to demonstrate and show use of space, contrast, and balance while creating an original idea that displays and the use of positive and negative space in an equal amount. The purpose is for students to understand the elements and principles of visual arts, which are value, contrast and balance. Students also learn how these concepts are still being used in today’s society.

1b. Linking skills, knowledge, and context

This is a first year class, so many students are unfamiliar with terms, such as value, contrast, space, and balance, in terms of art. The students are familiar with the words, but are unfamiliar with how it pertains to art. New definitions and techniques are introduced in this lesson. Students will continue to use these new vocabulary terms in future lessons.

In this project students are required to make a total positive space image. To complete this, students are to use line and shape in their design. The previous projects and lessons in this course focused on the use of line and shape, so this project reinforces those terms and techniques so students will use them in future projects.

The last aspect of this assignment is for students to see how the use of space makes interesting designs. I show the students images of logos and symbols that effectively use positive and negative space. With this, students can relate to the images and see how these techniques are still being used
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