Reflection Of What Can Make Me A Better Leader

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1) Review the attached list of values (See Attachment: "Values Exercise") and use the ranking to note which are most reflective of what you believe or feel will/does make you a better leader. Think about how you may focus on strengthening those values that you may be weak on. This may come from taking courses like this, reading leadership books, seeing guidance from a mentor, etc. Briefly note any personal takeaways in your discussion response. The values that are most reflective of what can make me a better leader are: 1. Open-mindedness 2. Learning 3. Creativity 4. Courage 5. Empathy 6. Caution 7. Challenge 8. Determination 9. Honesty and integrity 10. Responsibility Open-mindedness: I chose this because a good leader is one who is receptive to new ideas. It takes courage to admit that you are not always the one with the superior intellect or always have the right solution for the situation, but by being open-minded I will quickly learn and grow as a leader plus encourages channels of communication allowing my future subordinates and consumers to be able to voice their ideas and opinions making them feel more included. This leads up to the next point. Learning: by being open-minded, I can learn from my mistakes quicker. It is a common misconception for people that once they graduate, get promoted, vote, etc. they will no longer have a need to educate themselves further, this of course will come back to haunt them as the mistakes they will make and the issue they try
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