Reflection Of Writing A Letter To The English Class

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Thank you for your letter! While I usually do well in English classes, they are in no way my strong suit. I love science classes, so analysis writing has been a weakness of mine. Before you try to read the syllabus more, which may look confusing, take a few minutes to read my letter. Given the knowledge I’ve learned from this class, I will answer all of your questions and help to set your mind at ease. I’ll give you my perspective on this class and what it is about without having to look at the syllabus. This course has made me a better writer. The whole idea of rhetoric is to write effectively for your audience. I applied what I learned on my writing assignments. For example, I wrote a paper about vaccination requirements and angled it towards Christians who oppose vaccination. Now, if I was writing the same paper but to an atheist audience, there are certain points I would not have added because they would not relevant. I referenced the Bible and stated information that I knew would get an emotional reaction to gain their attention. In this class, I also learned how to work with others. That sounds unusual because this is an online class, however, for every module we had a section where we had to reply to others writing. These activities helped improved my writing because I got a different perspective on my writing and took advice. I improved my skills as a peer-reviewer on a few assignments in this class. This class was nicely organized into modules containing inquiries
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