Reflection Of Writing College Rhetoric Analysis In College

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Writing college rhetoric analysis essays is a learning process that takes some time adjusting to from writing high school British literature essays. As a former British literature student, the adjustment was hard because the concept of rhetoric analyses was completely new. Just listening to my teacher and doing the assigned work wasn’t enough for me to fully grasp the concept. I had to go to another resource: The UAB Writing Center. Visually, seeing what I was doing wrong and having one-on-one help was what really help me improve my writing. Throughout my second semester as a UAB student, I have learned that for me to improve my writing, I need to take advantage any available time at the Writing Center and to allow my classmates to help me peer review my earlier drafts of the paper I am turning in. Throughout this semester, I have greatly improved my writing from my English 101 class. In this English 102 class, I have learned to be flexible with writing more than five standard paragraphs in organizing my papers, how to research more in-depth using more advanced resources, how to expand upon one topic to compose multiple essays about it, and how to develop my writing from academic to public audiences.
In middle school, most students are taught to only write five-paragraph essays. However, many times after middle school and throughout high school, it has increasingly difficult to write just five-paragraph essay without having ridiculously long paragraphs that make it hard to
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