Reflection Of Writing : The Influence Of Reading, And Writing

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“Time's up, pencils down, papers to the front everyone”. I had sixty minutes to write a narrative essay, and I thought I had blown it out of the waters, as usual.I was raised in a literate household.My intelligence was never questioned because it was embedded into my DNA. From a young age, I had no choice but to excel in writing; it was one of the only ways that I would get praised. In my household, achieving greatness in school was not a choice. You went to school every day and you did your best.If you wanted to go outside and play or watch television, you did your homework correctly and promptly. I met my accelerated reading goal every time for three years in a row because it was expected of me. I was in Jr. Beta Club and on the honor roll all throughout middle school. I was reading books on grade levels light-years higher than mine. I aced every language arts test from the first to the ninth grade without hesitation. I never thought of reading or writing as something I liked; I thought of it as something required. It was just another part of school to me. Once in high school, language arts became more than just reading and writing to me. I wanted to know why the author felt the way they did, why did they write the book, and what's the deeper meaning behind the story. It's a good thing that I felt that way because those are just a few of the questions I was constantly being asked in class. Even though I was starting to find pleasure in language arts, I was also

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