Reflection Of Writing Your Journal Article In 12 Weeks

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My experience as a scientist and writing consultant has taught me that learning to become a good academic writer requires doing it, not just listening to an expert speak on how to write, as in traditional lectured-based classrooms. Active learning strategies are backed up by evidence from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and by my personal experience in helping non-native English physicians and scientists write more concisely and persuasively. In the context of academic writing, active learning gets students involved in discovering, interpreting, and explaining why selected examples of good writing are effective, and then applying what was learned through short, in-class writing and discussion exercises. Active learning works, because as with soccer players getting coached on the field during practice, students become better writers during class through writing and discussing, not just listening to the “coach” while sitting on the “bench” and then “working out” later at home.
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The book, Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks, by W.L. Belcher is a useful tool in this regard, and is the text I use. This well-tested workbook has weekly goals that are active and pragmatic, covering topics from effectively opening and closing a journal article to responding to journal decisions. The workbook provides instruction, exercise, structure, and deadlines that lead to confidence in producing written and oral technical communications. There are four types of tasks in this book. In workbook tasks, students do the exercises in the book. In discussion tasks, they talk about their writing with other students. In writing tasks, they write about some part of their draft article, like an abstract. In planning tasks, students document their writing plans and track their success in achieving

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