Reflection On A Council Meeting

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Going to the council meeting was a nice experience for me. I was not even aware of the things they talk about in there were issues. The council board consisted of seven members. Jim Gray overlook at District 1, Tony Ortiz District 2, Robert F. Stuart District 3, Patty Sheehan District 4, Regina I. Hill District 5, Samuel D. Ings District 6 and the mayor Buddy Dyer. Along with the Clerk and Assistant clerk. The purpose of the Council meetings is to overlook every problem the people are concerned about for the city. The meeting happen twice a month for at least 3 hours in the Council chamber at City Hall. The first thing discussed in the meeting was about volunteering. Many people volunteered to work in the shelters and community places to…show more content…
He gave an update on his work. Pay tribute to the fallen officers. There’s launching for the Orlando new flag. People can vote for the new flag online. Then each district gave an update of their work also what they have coming up for the rest of this month. Most of all the districts are hosting an easter egg hunt. Providing help for the elderly and keeping funding for public safety and crime stopping. There was also a program from District 2 to help people earning their GED. Tony Ortiz attended a graduation that honor 50 adult received their diploma. This program has graduation rate of 87 percent. Lastly the council meeting ended with citizens concerns. First a lady, I cannot recall her name, come up to talk about new constructions. She proposed to build more duplex and tandem homes. She proposed many advantages to having these houses. People who cannot afford a home by themselves because of income, single parent, small families with low income. There was also disadvantages to these houses like not enough parking space in the driveway. As well as the thought of sharing a wall with a total stranger. After her proposal there were other citizens who come up on the stand to states their concern about their
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