Reflection On A Valedictorian Speech

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For this assignment, I will be analysing and comparing my speech with my exposition assignment. These two tasks share the theme of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood or more specifically, high school to university, though in very different format and text types. My exposition takes the form of an informative article in a newspaper focussing on the darker aspects of this transition – the pressure forced on vulnerable 18-year-old graduates as society introduces such a huge amount of responsibilities at this time. The intended audience is the adults and parents in society that are responsible for constantly putting young people through this difficult transition. I wrote the article with the intent to make my audience understand that this transition is harshly different to how they may have experienced it and persuade them as such to change this for the better. My speech was written based off of my knowledge on a valedictorian speech, an academic title of success used in the United States, South Africa and Canada for the student who delivers the farewell statement at a graduation ceremony. The approaching end of the school year and imminent graduation of countless year 12 students, inspired me to write my speech intending to replicate a valedictory. The purpose of this speech, contrasting my article’s focus on the negatives of this transition, is to encourage and motivate the valedictorian’s fellow graduates as they leave high school. To demonstrate my level of
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