Reflection On A Visit To The Church

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On Sunday, September 17th, 2017, I visited Our Lady of Sorrow Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan to complete the final reflection assignment for this class. This experience was both overwhelming and interesting. I have always wanted to visit a church to understand more about the Christian religion, but never had a reason to go.
Growing up, my family has always practiced Buddhism and it is the only religion I am most familiar with. However, over the past three years, I have learned more about Christianity than I have ever done before. Attending a Catholic university has taught me a lot about Christianity along the way, but everything I learn are only bits and pieces of information. Being a Detroit Mercy student has made me feel a sense of cohesiveness for being a part of the Christian community. As an American citizen, I follow and acknowledge a lot of the Christian holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, etc. While I might not know every detail to each holiday, I have a lot respect and admiration for these days. Before joining in the religious service, I conducted some online research regarding Catholic churches and the rituals that are performed at church services. I looked into our textbook and online lectures for guidance as well. Prior to this trip, I felt anxious due to my unfamiliarly in the Christian church. I did not want to stand out due to my lack of knowledge of the Christian church rituals.
Sunday Church services in the Christian religion are
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