Reflection On Astrobiology

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Though I am thankful for the scientific familiarity my core classes have given me, the classes I enrolled in outside of these classes provided me with understandings integral to the side of medicine that exists outside of strict scientific treatment. For example, in Bioethics we investigated various ethical dilemmas that arise in medical practice and historical cases that embodied them. In doing so we transformed discussions from simply expressing personal (dis)approval for some practice to understanding the moral principles underlying the debated practices and how the coincide with the Hippocratic Oath. This class allowed me to more confidently understand my ethical stances and to see the reasoning for others’ which is significant for…show more content…
This scrutiny develops a better pharmaceutical understanding, preventing unnecessary costs for patients and removes unwarranted beliefs in false panaceas. I worked in a green chemistry lab and needed to freeze a vial by slowly lowering it into a container of liquid nitrogen. The challenge, however, was to do so while the fume hood was lowered without being inside it. After studying on the issue for some time, I found a decent amount of yarn, ring stands, and clamps. I set up a multi-tiered pulley system that allowed the vial to hang just above the container of liquid nitrogen. I took the other end of the yarn that did not hold the vial and wound it around the spinning section of a rotary evaporator. This ensured both a simple way to lower the vial and that the vial lowered at a constant speed so that it froze evenly. Perhaps a simpler solution existed, but this configuration was the most readily available at the time and solved the puzzle of how to freeze the vial. By being creative, it is easier to engage challenges from different angles or with different thought processes. Without inverting how you consider a challenge, you will likely end with the same results because the same logical style is being applied to the same problem. By stepping away or reintroducing the issue, different styles of thought can work
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