Reflection On Atonement

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I studied and researched the question of how to forgive and move on from resentment. This is something that I have struggled with as of late, and I hoped to find divinely inspired council that would help me develop those skills in my life. I began my study in the topical guide, and I focused mainly on the scriptures under forgiveness and offenses. After I read through the lists and pondered over each individually, I selected several that impacted me and chose to consider them more deeply. I then moved onto online resources, such as General Conference talks and Ensign articles, where I found my remaining main sources. Overall, my sources felt very reliable. Each of them provided their own unique answers to my question, as well as references to other scriptures or conference talks so that I could continue my research. For the most part, every resource provided a variation of the same general answer--it is the Lord’s job to judge, and our job to forgive all. The methods of doing so did vary slightly, however. Several suggested inward reflection as a method of forgiveness, while others recommended looking outward and focusing on service. Regardless of specifics, all of them recognized the Atonement of Jesus Christ as integral to the process of mercy for both parties. This is because forgiving someone is a microscopic version of the Atonement, and the principles thereof apply to interactions between His children as they do between Him and His children. It is vitally
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