Reflection On Avoiding Mistakes With A Reflective Approach Essay

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Reflection - Avoiding Mistakes With a Reflective Approach to Leadership
By Joelle Jay | Submitted On July 12, 2012

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Expert Author Joelle Jay
Imagine being able to accurately predict what would happen before taking a certain action. Imagine being able to adjust course mid-decision so you could achieve a better outcome. Imagine learning from your mistakes in such a way that you not only overcome the current mistake, but also achieve more success because of it. All of these scenarios are within the reach of everyone. Unfortunately, few people take the steps to actually do them.

So how exactly can someone predict the future, harness the present, and use the past as a springboard for success? The answer lies in the art of reflection.

Reflection is a way of learning from your mistakes and your successes in the course of your life and in your business. It means looking at your experiences to make informed decisions about what to do, when to do it, and why it should be done. It 's about stepping back, taking it all in, and looking ahead. Ultimately, reflection brings clarity, and clarity leads to sound decisions.

Think of reflection as the art of
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