Reflection On Baby Care Reflection

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Harleen Shahi Baby Care Reflection Overall, I did not enjoy doing this project because it was extremely difficult, especially having to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby, but I also believe it was highly educational since I got to learn many new things. This project allowed me to experience the difficulties which many endure in the early stages of baby care. By taking care of the baby, waking up in the night, performing many tasks for the baby, it made me more empathetic towards mothers and appreciate their hard work. When I first found about the project, I was not as excited as some others were in the class because having a brother who is six years younger than me, I know how difficult it is to raise a child.…show more content…
When I received the baby on Friday, I had to take it to chemistry and socials class. The first class I had was social studies and right when I entered the class, the baby started to cry and I began to panic because I did not know what to do since it was the first time the baby needed something. I did not know what the baby wanted so I asked a classmate who had already completed this project and they told me what I should do. I was so thankful because I was panicking and I did not have the ability to think rationally. Later, in class, we began marking our tests which we completed the previous day and I thought that I could mark the test because I had just fed the baby and it would not need anything for a while, but I was wrong! I marked two of the questions and then the baby started to cry once again! One of my friends volunteered to mark my test for me and I was very grateful. I decided to leave the room so the baby would not disturb the class. I was unable to mark my test and I spent most of the class out in the hallway trying to fulfill the baby’s needs. This is when I realized how difficult it was going to be taking care of this baby and that I would have to be selfless and put the baby’s needs above my own. After socials, I had chemistry and luckily the baby was asleep most of the class which allowed me to take down the notes. Near the end of the class, while Mr. Hewitson was teaching, the baby started to cry and I got up to leave the
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