Reflection On Becoming A Teacher

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Life experiences convey knowledge to people. Having a lot of experiences helps us improve our way of thinking. It opens our minds and teaches us memorable lessons, lessons that we are able to apply in the future. Every decision we make, every action we produce, helps create the experience of this moment and the next. When reflecting on this semester of Education-1301 Introduction to Teaching, there have been so many new experiences, so many new connections, and so much that I have learned. The experience of this course has provided me with various of frameworks that will improve my way of thinking. I’ve learned many excellent qualities in the short time of this class. It has shown me to be a better educator and take the knowledge I have gained and practice for the future. I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge about the teaching profession. I have enjoyed working with teachers and have gained some beneficial experiences that will help me in my journey to becoming an educator. Reflecting back on the readings, discussions, meetings, and observations, I can say there is so much I will take with me from this class. This course has taught me the foundations, techniques, and aspects of entering the profession. Principles that will later be useful in the near future. As the semester started unwinding the historical roots of education began to come into context. Through the readings of Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional, I have visualized how education in
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