Reflection On Clinical Reasoning

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Medical education stimulates development clinical reasoning in medical students and residents to be able making the correct diagnosis for their patients. Clinical reasoning process in doctors develops through the time which gives them more competency to do that as experts. However, it is not known which instructional strategies that would improve clinical reasoning process in doctors. Such strategy makes medical students and residents think more effective like experts. This study focused on effects of using structured reflection on clinical reasoning process in a medical residents training program. Clinical reasoning in medical students and residents is stimulated by many instructional strategies. it is discovered that Structured reflection while practicing with cases fosters the learning of clinical knowledge and more effective than the generation of immediate or differential diagnoses (Mamede et al., 2012). As cited in Norman et al., (2014) the clinical reasoning has two psychological processes which are working when doctors reach a diagnosis. “System 1 is a rapid, unconscious, intuitive, and primarily pattern recognition process involving retrieval of previous specific experiences from long-term memory. System 2, by contrast, is slow, conscious, effortful, logical, systematic, and based on explicit rules such as those that govern clinical diagnosis”( Evans 2008; Stanovich & West 2000). Expert doctors use clinical reasoning effectively. They are characterized by being
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