Reflection On Clinical Work

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My client this semester was a 5-year-old boy who presented with a moderate expressive language disorder and a severe phonological disorder. Throughout the semester with my client, I found many aspects of clinical work both rewarding and challenging. The most rewarding aspects of clinical work was represented through my client’s overall progress. As a student clinician, it was rewarding when I learned how to facilitate my client’s performance for a specific skill. For example, learning that my client benefited most when I gave him tactile prompts for /s/ blends or that my client’s performance increased when implementing more motivating activities. Watching my client reach his objectives with the aid of my prompts and teaching was rewarding. However, seeing my client use these newly learned skills to achieve a more functional outcome was even more rewarding (e.g., using a consonant cluster when talking to his brother at the end of a session). Although, I experienced rewarding aspects of clinical work I also faced multiple challenges. Throughout the semester, I had difficulty with documentation. I was able to portray verbally what was happening in my session and what I was learning in all my courses, but had difficulty writing it all out on paper. Documentation is an important aspect of clinical work and I will need to continually focus on and practice this piece to become more proficient in my writing as a clinician.
My didactic course work and previous undergraduate
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