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Tina Doan Col-299 Reflection In today’s society, college is always portrayed as a place students go to have fun and party. People seem to think that college is an easy time in life and students don’t have any worries. However, college is stressful for many students. There are many factors as to why a student would be stress, such pressure from family and friends pressure, financial problems, and their own standard on what they should be. Family pressures, could be from their parents and families pushing them about their education. Then, pressures from their friends, is from when they are trying too hard to fit in with their friends, which could lead to them doing things they don’t want to do. Next, financial problems they could have, is not being able to afford going to school, or paying for the textbooks they need. Lastly, they could be their biggest critic, the pressure they put on themselves also play a big role. Being an Asian American, my parents have high expectations of me to succeed in life. They always talk about their struggles of when they first came to America. They always tell me of their struggles of being uneducated and not knowing anything about America. Which, makes me feel a lot of pressure to succeed in school, so that I can give back to them in the future. With the help of school, I have learnt to manage school and learn to enjoy in better. I have been a student at St. Charles Community College for 5-6 semesters, and over the course of being a student, I have grown and learned more than I thought possible. I originally started college with no goal in mind; I had taken numerous elective courses. However, while attending St. Charles Community College, I have learnt about how to manage school from College 101. It has helped me not only learn how to manage school, but also my life, such as time management and finances. My sociology has also helped me understand other people better. It helped me used stand people from all over the world and how different their cultures are from us. I was also able to broaden my knowledge of other religions also. St, Charles Community College, has also helped me learn more about myself. When I first started college, I thought that I wanted to be a criminal

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