Reflection On College Writing

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I knew the likelihood of passing the University of California Analytical Writing exam was zero to none. I have always had trouble writing, even though in my high school English classes I received mostly A’s for my writing assignment. The teachers concentrated on whether the students understood the concept, not on the essay clarity. So, I knew I lacked the proper writing tools for the exam. It was surprising I failed my exam and needed to take the College Writing R1A class I was a bit upset but knew it would be greatly beneficial at the end.
Before I could take the College Writing R1A, I had to take the College Writing N2 during the summer. The College Writing N2 helped me focus on the foundation to set up an essay since I found it difficult to do an outline a piece. Thus, in College Writing R1A class I used the tools learned during the summer to further my understanding of being clear in my essays. I appreciate CW N2 class focused on the properties of an essay and that the R1A class concreted on the analysis of the books that we read in class. Both classes combined have assisted me to be aware of my writing direction.
Therefore, I have become more meticulous in writing an effective essay. I learn that is best to put my thoughts in boxes that outline the general idea of the theme. So, when I have a question my ideas are organized. In addition, when citing quotes, I have to make sure that I am setting it up rather than doing a hit and run. Also, my first and last
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