Reflection On Communication And Communication

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In the genome editing class, we had to work with our lab partner, and almost all tasks required us to work together as a team. Anyhow, we had several presentations that needed to be done together as a team. On our first presentation, my lab partner and I discussed which sections we would each cover, splitting the assignment in exactly half. Therefore, deciding how we would divide the presentation was an excellent start, but apparently, he felt that was all we needed to discuss. Consequently, that was the extent of our communication since I did not hear from him until the day of class when we were doing our presentation. In my mind, for all, I knew he didn’t even do his portion of the presentation, and I expected constant communication while working on the project. Apparently, he felt that no communication was appropriate, however, I felt nervous and uncomfortable. Anyhow, I arrived at class and handed him my thumb drive with my portion of the presentation. I told him we need to exchange numbers, and emails so when we work on our other presentations that we can communicate and aid each other. I explained to him that all weekend I had worried that he did not do his portion of the project since I had no contact or communication with him at all. He replied why wouldn’t I work on my section? I replied I am not familiar with you or your work ethic. Apparently, “my communication approach was using the “Theory X- based on the assumption that employees or people are inherently lazy

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