Reflection On Computer Skill Development

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Today, technology is everywhere and is deeply embedded into our day to day lives at work, school, and home. Over the past four weeks, 100% of my daily tasks as an intern at liveWELL have been computer based. I am learning more and more things about different programs to design my incentive program, writing articles, and updating flyers of health information all on behalf of liveWELL. As I reflect on my computer skill development, I will discuss the different tasks I have been faced with and the skills I have gained from them, as well as how each have impacted my academic, professional, and personal development. Each day brings a new experience in working with computer programs. My first task was to write an article for Iowa Now about promoting nutrition in the workplace. The article featured a story about the Hardin Library utilizing a Wellness Grant from liveWELL to purchase a NutriBullet blender for the break room and supply each staff member with Iowa Hawkeye cups to promote healthier snack and lunch options through smoothies. I was given documents about healthy eating in the workplace, an interview with the Wellness Ambassador of the Hardin Library, and a report on the effectiveness of the intervention. I was then free to write a short article with the information that I was given and incorporate pictures of the staff using the blender, and creating a visually appealing article page with separate text boxes. The biggest challenge with this computer task was trying to
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