Reflection On Counselor Aide Wiesbaden

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Ms. Weisbecker,

Once I return from my task in support of OPERATION ANAKONDA 16. My main focus was closing out my work here in Wiesbaden during the last week of the course. I forgot about the class LIB 5150, and fail to close it out with the teacher in time. Until I received the bill for the class stated above I realize it was too late.

When I sign up for German II class, which I just finish. I ask Mrs. Danielle
Kaulfuss, Counselor Aide Wiesbaden Education Center about the class stated above. She highly recommended, that I try to get the course remove, due to military reason. I stated to Mrs. Kaulfuss, I will make sure I submit the
Military withdrawal request, once I finish the German II course, and hopefully this will help me get
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