Reflection On Development And Globalization

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Reflect on one area of the reading from this week. Share your personal thoughts and opinions as they relate to development and globalization; and the topic from the reading that your chose to reflect on.

In 2016 while in rehabilitation a therapist working with me; or watching me work, waxed philosophical on the winnings of a recent Lottery player. This person she felt imbodied all that was wrong with people. Selfish and self-centered. “Do you realize she said aloud, that’s enough money to give every adult in this country one million dollars each!” I held my peace.
But, I thought about all the million-dollar babies of which I had heard, who committed suicide. I thought of all the reasonings given for murder, hate, war, theft, and a mirage of other injustices we heap upon each other, daily. One thing seemed certain, money has never been a deterrent of evil, just as being poor has never been a deterrent from happiness. It is “short-sighted” to believe we can bring resolution by throwing money at a problem. As if prosperity can’t walk glove in glove with misery.
That is my single or most pressing concern about development and globalization. It seems to be over 50 years of continuous money pitching to resolve the many problems that plague our world. In summation, the better we get the worse we seem to be. For example, the World Bank claims seeds of inception for the purposes of providing financial security for the World to avoid another World War. (Suny Levin
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