Reflection On Digging For Fossils

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I believe that the most genuine type of confidence is earned, not through achievement, but through competence, and the realization that competence may be gained. For me, this realization and the growth that resulted from it, took place in the summer of 2016. I participated in an Internship at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science where I worked side by side with researchers in the paleontology department. While I did many things, from cataloging fossils, to doing research, to presenting my own work at a major scientific conference, the most formative experience of the internship was a week I spent out in the field deep in the Rocky Mountains in Salida, Colorado. My expedition dug for fossils that promised to shed light upon the high altitude landscape of the Miocene, to illuminate the world of 10 million years ago. This experience not only taught me a great deal about the scientific process, it provided a unique setting to grow as a person. The lessons of patience, perseverance, and most of all, that doubt and anxiety can be replaced with hard earned confidence prompted personal growth and changed the way I view my future.
Digging for fossils is no easy task, especially out in the wilderness where home is a tents and there is no boundary between you and the wild. It is magnificent to work in nature, but also humbling. The first lesson that I - and all young scientists- must learn is patience. Finding fossils is slow work, we will often spend hours hiking to find one

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