Reflection On Emergency Crisis

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I am very excited to learn about how to handle different intense crisis situations. I have always been one to get stressed or worried when something happens. I have gotten better over the years and am working on improving myself more. Thinking back to different intense situations I have been through I believe I have handles some good and some not so good. My parents’ house was effected by Katrina and this was one of the biggest one my family went through. We had such a great support system that I believe this is what helped us through such a tough time. Also, I think of when a family member died how I handled in while comforting my mother. I believe a support system can be very beneficial in crisis. I used to work for a hotel and learned quickly that I needed to get a grip on intense situations. I had a manager that really did not care about what guest wanted which escalated some situations causing the guest to take it out on me. I would get so flustered and upset. Starting out I did not handle the situations very well because I was nervous and a little scared of what the guest would do, but I learned quickly how to handle the situations especially when we gained a caring manager. During my practicum, I encountered a student who self-harmed and was suicidal. I had no clue what to do besides be there for her. My supervisor took over and followed the procedures in getting her the proper care. She talked to her with such calmness and listened to the girl’s problems. It was an
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