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Reflection text Entering an English course after practicing as a teacher for many years are both disturbing and exiting. Disturbing, because I challenge my own practice. How will it cope comparing to new theory and practice? Exiting, because I look forward to getting new inputs and knowledge, and to develop myself as a teacher. The result so far is approximately as I expected. In my first years of practice I spent much time to go through the text of the week, and to hear the pupils read aloud. Over the years I have developed my teaching including more activities were pupils are more active and communicate directly with each other. Through these first months of the course I have realized that I have to go further down this route. The necessity…show more content…
Meaning, as long as their pronunciation are clear and they speak with correct clauses it doesn’t matter whether they speak one or another English. I haven’t been aware of this fact and have always strived for British English. As a hole I see my role as an English teacher more as a facilitator and less the conventional teacher. When improving my teaching I think it is important to take small steps. Doing a little more or otherwise gradually. Thereby it is easier for me incorporate, maintain and develop. By making it a routine before heading on doesn’t feel like it’s so much work. The goal is to expand my toolbox of activities to be a more competent English teacher. So far, this English course have only lasted for three months, but I have already learned a lot that challenge my way of teaching and my thinking around the subject. I have taken small steps in daily routine to incorporate English, and I’m planning to do more. Further, have I changed my lessons to contain several activities targeting communication and collocation, and finally, I have changed the way I look at teaching English. The disturbances I felt in the beginning is still a part of it all. Discovering your own incompetence is never pleasant, but I believe that excitement will take its place before the course is
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