Reflection On Ethics And Ethics

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“Great individuals have great ethics and great values.” Ethics and morality can be used interchangeably as they sound as if they mean the same although there is a wide distinction between them. “Strictly speaking, morality is used to refer to what we would call moral standards and moral conduct while ethics is used to refer to the formal study of those standards and conduct. For this reason, the study of ethics is also often called moral philosophy." (Gordana D 2007)
Morality comes first which constitutes of our beliefs and practices on what is right and wrong while ethics comes next which is a reflection on the moral principles by our conscience. Morality is influenced by law, religion, ethical relativism and professional codes.
On the other hand, we can
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When we have performances the amount of time we get to make a routine and practice is pretty less, so not everyone gets to be a part of the team. Kicking someone out is not as easy as it sounds. As rebellious as youngsters are, such fights could get out of hand. After studying about the normative theories I realised that while making decisions about who should be removed, which show to perform in etc. the main thing that I think of is what is going to benefit more number of people the most. If I chose to remove a particular person, it brought them grief and guilt on my behalf in the short term but in the long term, the level of performance rose leaving the crew, judges and the audience happy. Also, sometimes we had to choose on which show to perform and which not to. In this case we would select the show which gave us more exposure because it offers us greater benefit opposed to a show at a smaller level. Thus, in this way the theory of utilitarianism helped me make decisions when confused about what is ethical and what is

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