Reflection On Gender Identity

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As an adolescent, I was unaware of the issues that surrounded me, but as I have grown I realize that there is more to the world than what your parents let you experience. We are sheltered from the other identities that are around and avoid the topic of sexuality as we grow up, because our parents want to prevent it. There are situations that occur constantly that should not be a topic for discussion, the one I am speaking about is gender and how one’s preference has altered my view on life Dismally, there are still expectations for each gender from others. It is looked down upon if a man expresses himself as “not normal” or if a woman decides to wear baggy clothing and walk more masculine. My point is that if one does not play the role of being a regular citizen they are absurd or torn from a different cloth. For instance, transgender people, I believe transgender receive the most discrimination because of their efforts to be comfortable in their skin. For some reason, they cannot be accepted and must prove themselves to society. While some can wonder why we need the approval of others, we must understand that acceptance is ironically needed to get far in life and sadly it dictates how we feel about ourselves. Gender issues sparked my attention when I realized on social media and throughout topics about the government it was top of discussion and people had say so in another person’s life. High school is when I was truly introduced to the LGBT community because of
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