Reflection On Gender Roles

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In my role as point person, I chose an article that interested me and could see myself explaining and providing personal stories and perspectives. I thoroughly read my article and assured that I highlighted what I felt was most important through my questions. I made sure to ask questions that would bring out others opinions and make the class interesting. I read my article and also took from the Columbine High school movie that we watched in class, along with other news media I’ve seen, and personal experiences interacting with males/boys. I added a fun PowerPoint as my learning activity in which I asked the class questions about the images and what categories of violence they would put each image under (ex. Media violence, bullying, gun availability, family dynamics etc.)
This article was one that could easily bring up personal emotions and feelings due to the content sensitivity. I know growing up with boys and being an only girl I could see the difference in parenting styles and my brothers interactions amongst each other within my own household so, this made this topic easy to understand. I also have had other psych classes (developmental psych) in which, I have seen the way gender roles influences a child’s development in positive but most importantly negative ways too. I used the knowledge from that class, the article, and my own perspectives to ask questions not solely based on the article but questions that were out of the box. I knew some of the questions I was
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